E-Wesak 2020
April 21, 2020
E-Wesak 2020 ANUMODANA
April 21, 2020
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Offering of Light

The offering of light to the Buddhas is an extremely meritorious and beneficial action. Buddhas, as fully enlightened beings, do not need anything from us. Rather, making offerings to the Buddhas actually benefits those who make the offerings.

 Just as the light of a candle dispels the darkness inside a room, offerings of light to the Buddhas dispels the darkness of our ignorance, propelling us further towards our ultimate goal, Enlightenment.

Light represents Wisdom

We invite you to make an offering of light to the Triple Gem.

How to Offer and Donate

To participate, please fill up the Offering of Lights form (https://tinyurl.com/BMSM-Wesak2020) and submit by 5 May 2020. Please include your name and the dedication name for your offering.

Donations can be made via online banking solutions or Touch n Go E-wallet. For a receipt, please email to info@bmsm.org.my with your transaction reference.

We rejoice with your good intention and meritorious deed. We will make offerings on your behalf and light a candle at a centralized location in BMSM Kajang Branch on Wesak Day*. The dedication list will be displayed at the shrine hall.

*With the uncertainty following the Covid-19 pandemic and Movement Control Order, all BMSM centres (BMSM Samadhi Vihara @ Shah Alam, BMSM-Pa Auk Dhammavijaya Meditation Centre @ Dengkil & BMSM Kajang Branch) will be closed to devotees and public for 2020 Wesak Day.

Light Up an E-Candle

Offering of Light
Ghana sàrappa dittena – Dīpena tama-dhansinà
With lights shining brightly, abolishing this gloom,
Tiloka dīpam sambuddham – Pūjayàmi tamo-nudam
I adore the Enlightened One, who dispels the darkness (of ignorance)

Click on the candle to symbolically light an e-candle