E-Wesak 2020 ANUMODANA
April 21, 2020
May 6, 2020
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Offer an E-Light

 Just as the light of a candle dispels the darkness inside a room, offerings of light to the Buddhas dispels the darkness of our ignorance, propelling us further towards our ultimate goal, Enlightenment.

Light represents Wisdom

Light Up an E-Candle

Offering of Light
Ghana sàrappa dittena – Dīpena tama-dhansinà
With lights shining brightly, abolishing this gloom,
Tiloka dīpam sambuddham – Pūjayàmi tamo-nudam
I adore the Enlightened One, who dispels the darkness (of ignorance)

Click on the candle to symbolically light an e-candle

Wish to Make a Donation ?

Donations can be made via online banking solutions or Touch n Go E-wallet. For a receipt, please email to info@bmsm.org.my with your transaction reference.

Wish to Offer a Light at the Temple ?

To offer a light at the temple, please fill up the Offering of Lights form and submit by 5 May 2020. Please include your name and the dedication name for your offering. We will make offerings on your behalf and light a candle at a centralized location in BMSM Kajang Branch*. The dedication list will be displayed at the shrine hall.

*With the uncertainty following the Covid-19 pandemic and Movement Control Order, all BMSM centres (BMSM Samadhi Vihara @ Shah Alam, BMSM-Pa Auk Dhammavijaya Meditation Centre @ Dengkil & BMSM Kajang Branch) will be closed to devotees and public for 2020 Wesak Day.