BMSM offers the following memberships:

  1. Life Membership to all Buddhist individuals who are citizens or Permanent Residents of Malaysia and at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  2. Corporate Membership to any legally constitute Malaysia Buddhist organizations and/or company supporting the aims and objects of the Society.
  3. Associate Membership to any individual or religious organization who/which is not eligible to be a Life Member or Corporate Member, including non-citizens of Malaysia and organisations incorporated outside Malaysia.
  4. Junior Membership shall be opened to all Malaysian Buddhist Individuals who is below 18-years old with the written approval from one of the parents or the official guardian.

Only Life Members shall have voting rights or stand for election as members of the Central Management Committee or Committees of its Sections or branches.

To apply as a member of the Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia, you may fill up our online membership application form (for Life Membership and Individual Associate Membership only) or you may download the relevant form below:

  1. Life Membership Online Form
  2. Associate Membership (Individual) Online Form
  3. Life Membership PDF Form
  4. Associate Member for Individual PDF Form
  5. Corporate Membership or Associate Member (Organisation)
  6. Junior Membership Application Form

Please fill up the form, make payment as per instruction, and email the payment info and a copy of your IC to

We will review your membership registration and get back to you ASAP.