Kathina @ Dhammavijaya Meditation Centre, Dengkil – 27th October 2013

KATHINA 2013 – 20th October 2013 @ SAMADHI VIHARA, SHAH ALAM
October 2, 2013
Day Retreat
Day Retreat on 13th October 2013 @Samadhi Vihara, Shah Alam
October 4, 2013
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Dear Dhamma friends,

Another auspicious & meritorious event organised by Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia to show our undivided support and reverence to the Mahasangha upon completion of their three months observance of the Vassa at the Dhammavijaya Meditation Centre. This is also the time for the laity/devotees, to reinforce their faith in the Triple Gem and reaffirm their commitment to support the Sangha members



Kathina and Sangikadana Ceremony Contribution Form 2013

Sukhi Hotu