KATHINA 2013 – 20th October 2013 @ SAMADHI VIHARA, SHAH ALAM

Photo of Mid autumn festival celebration @ Kajang branch 21/9/2013
September 24, 2013
Kathina @ Dhammavijaya Meditation Centre, Dengkil – 27th October 2013
October 4, 2013
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Dear Dhamma friends,

During the Vas, all Theravada bhikkhus are required to spend three month in a Vihara/Monastery during this period and practise well the teachings of the Buddha. A day within the 4th month is chosen as Kathina Day to celebrate the end of the Vas.This joyous occasion is for both the Sangha & laity to rejoice. For the bhikkhus, they can now have the freedom to move around and continue with their Dhamma propagation responsibilities. For the laity/devotees, it is the opportunity for them to reinforce their faith in the Triple Gem and reaffirm their commitment to support the Sangha members by offering robes and requisites and at the same time contribute in cash or in kind towards the maintenance, development/improvement of the Vihara facilities for the benefit of all.

We look forward to your participation and support on this merit making Kathina Day.

Kathina 2013

Kathina 2013


Kathina 2013 Sponsorship Form

Sukhi Hotu