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May 22, 2013

Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia Wesak 2013 : Buddhavasse 2557 Message

Dear Members of Theravāda Buddhist Council of Malaysia, Namo Buddhaya Wesak Message Buddhavasse 2557 Sukho buddhānaṃ uppādo sukhā saddhammadesanā Sukhā saṅghassa sāmaggi samaggānaṃ tapo sukho. Blessed […]
May 21, 2013

MRTW One World One Time One Metta on 25May / Metta Convention on 29-30Jun

Dear Brothers & Sisters in the Dhamma, Hope everyone is well! We have 2 exciting events coming up under the Metta Round the World initiative. We […]
May 20, 2013
Day Retreat

One World One Time One Metta Sanghikadana

Dear Dhammafarers, An opportunity to Offer Dana to the Mahasangha during Wesak Sukhi Hotu Pang Hock Huat, Jeffrey Honorary General Secretary.
May 16, 2013
Day Retreat


Dear Dhamma Friends, Re our earlier email broadcast regarding the above, so sorry we had omitted the link to register your participation. Click the link to […]