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November 16, 2019
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December 31, 2019
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Pusat Buddhis Dhammaduta Malaysia Fundraising Dinner, 5pm 23 Nov 2019 (Saturday)

The new Buddhist centre built by Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia (BMSM), i.e. Pusat Buddhis Dhammaduta Malaysia (Buddhist Dhammaduta Centre Malaysia), at Presint 20, Putrajaya is almost ready for occupation.

To raise funds to meet the shortfall in the construction cost and to unveil in advance the almost completed building to the public, BMSM is organising a Fundraising Dinner at 5.00pm on 23 November 2019 at the external compound of the building.

In addition to the dinner, there will be performances by Buddhist groups and young talents as well as the launch of a new merit making initiative for devotees and members of the public to participate in the development of this new centre. BMSM humbly seeks the assistance and support of all parties in making this project of national significance a reality. Any interested parties kindly contact +6016-233 2842 or +6012-572 4415 for more information.

Envisioned to be the Buddhist capital building serving the needs of Buddhists in the 21st century, Pusat Buddhis Dhammaduta Malaysia (PBDM) will also be integral in showcasing the distinction of multi-religious and cultural diversity that Malaysia is endowed and blessed with.

To be reflective of these ideals and its carefully selected name, this centre is contemporary-designed and purpose-built to showcase the blend and relevance of the Buddha’s wisdom and compassion as in His 2,600-year-old Teachings and its application in modern times. It is located on a 0.67-acre land parcel in Precinct 20, reserved by the Malaysian government for major faiths practised in this country. Due to its significant location at the administration centre of Malaysian Government, PBDM has the potential to develope into a centre with pivotal roles.

PBDM is a two-level building with a built-up area of about 20,000 sq ft and a garden rooftop. It will house a resource centre, an education centre that will be available for the public as well as facilities for the training of sangha and laity to carry out Dhammaduta, exhibitions, lectures, seminars, workshop and other related activities. It will serve as the national headquarters for Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia and to provide a place of practice for Buddhists residing in and working at Putrajaya and its immediate vicinity. PBDM will be another venue for BMSM to promote inter-religious harmony and to work for the welfare and happiness of the many.

Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia (BMSM) was founded by the late Ven K Sri Dhammananda, the Chief High Priest of Malaysia and Singapore, in 1962 for the propagation of Buddhism. From an initial membership of 27, BMSM now has more than 11,000 members throughout the country. BMSM engages its members in varied programmes that encompasses education, welfare and spiritual development. BMSM has evolved to also become a key organisation in fostering inter religious harmony. It is a founder member of Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) and is represented in Jawatankuasa Mempromosikan Persefahaman dan Keharmonian Antara Penganut-Penganut Agama (JKMPKA) through MCCBCHST. BMSM is also involved in Inter-Faith Spiritual Fellowship (INSaF), an organisation formed to promote greater understanding amongst the major religions in Malaysia, as well as Friendship Group For Inter-religious Services (FGIS). Through its years of engagement with Government on inter religious issues, BMSM has gained the recognition of the Government as one of the reference organisations of the Buddhist communities. As an example, we are given the mandate to issue supporting letters to non-registered Buddhist organisations for tax exemption applications.

Yours faithfully,

Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia

President, Ms Loh Pai Ling