MRTW One World One Time One Metta on 25May / Metta Convention on 29-30Jun

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One World One Time One Metta Sanghikadana
May 20, 2013
Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia Wesak 2013 : Buddhavasse 2557 Message
May 22, 2013
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Dear Brothers & Sisters in the Dhamma,

Hope everyone is well!

We have 2 exciting events coming up under the Metta Round the World initiative. We hope everyone can participate and also invite your family & friends local or abroad for their participation.

Help us to circulate it, please…..

  1.  One World One Time One Metta on Sat, 25 May 13 at GMT 05:27 / MY/ SIN 13:27 / Colombo 10:57 am
    (check: is organising another One World One Time One Metta event to get as many people as possible around the world to radiate metta at the same time for at least 15 mins, either individually or as a group, wherever they are, for world peace, harmony and stability.
  2. Metta Convention, Singapore on 29 – 30 Jun 13.

We hope to have participants from around the world at the Metta Convention to share ideas & carry out activities based on love & compassion post-convention after the participants return home. Attached is the poster for your reference & distribution. Registration can be done at this link:

If you or anyone have any questions on the Metta Convention, please write to the Secretariat: or they may also write to me directly.

Look forward to hearing from everyone on the One World One Time One Metta experience and to seeing everyone at the Metta Convention in Singapore.

Please let me know if you have any questions on both events.

With Metta,
Guat Cheng


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