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June 7, 2016
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June 22, 2016
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Metta to Street Friends

Metta to Street Friends

Dear all,

Pleased to inform that the new monthly programme, Metta to Street Friends is going to kick start this month.It will be held on the last Sun of the month.The June programme is on 26/6.
We will meet 2pm at Samadhi vihara to prepare , cook and pack the food.After short puja, will leave for Klang to distribute the prepacked food.

You can support this programme by,
1) Become a sponsor at the sponsorship of RM50
2) Donate in kind, eg fruit, bun or biscuit
3) Be part of the volunteers team

Let us bring METTA to the street friends.May they be free from hunger, free from suffering.May they be well and happy….??

With metta,
KP Chua
Cheong Chee