Donation For Sangha Meals & Requisites During Vassa (27 July To 23 October 2018)
June 23, 2018
Fullmoon Day Observance Of 8 Precepts And Mindfulness Day Retreats In Samadhi Vihara
July 29, 2018
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Namo Buddhaya

Dear Dhamma Friends

We are blessed and grateful that Bhante Mahinda Maha Thera is accepting BMSM’s invitation to spend his
Vassa (rains retreat) in Samadhi Vihara, Shah Alam, this year.

Bhante Mahinda will ordain a few samaneras in a special Novitiate Programme in Samadhi Vihara during this
Vassa period.

All are welcomed to witness the formal Vassa Invitation Ceremony.


27 July 2018
7.30pm Vassa Invitation
8.00pm Dhamma Talk: “The Buddha’s First Sermon”

28 July 2018
9.00am Samanera Ordination

Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu

Vassa Organising Committee
Samadhi Vihara