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September 18, 2021
2023 New Year Message
December 31, 2022
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by Sis Loh Pai Ling, President of BMSM

As we prepare to welcome the new year 2023, memories of 2022 flashed by and filled me with joy and gratitude of how the significant 60th Anniversary year of BMSM had unfolded and touched us.

I am still overwhelmed with how this key milestone year had been meaningful celebrated. The BMSM team had put together a programme of the times. Instead of the not-so-favourable large gathering celebrations post Covid-19 pandemic, activities rolled out ended up connecting hearts and touching lives. The language of the heart was loud in the course of the year with activities focussed on celebrating members in line with, I must say, the well-conceived theme of Touching Lives with Dhamma.

The first 60th Anniversary activity, a Gift of Blessing, was an ambitious yet historic undertaking. Truly celebrating members, it involved gifting members by making an offer of light in their name to the Triple Gem at Pusat Buddhis Dhammaduta Malaysia, Putrajaya to usher in the Year of the Tiger.

Each member was notified of this special gesture via an eCNY greeting card customised in their individual names and sent personally to them. Carrying this out in the spirit to Connect, Communicate & Engage with members, it left a high-touch feeling for our members.

Inspired by how this massive task was successfully carried out, the BMSM team of volunteers followed up with another round of connecting, communicating and engaging with members by sending out in May, eWesak greeting cards, again customised with individual names.

Also memorable in 2022 was the pleasantly surprise gift that BMSM received from the Registrar of Societies (ROS). BMSM had pushed boundaries by amending its Constitution and seeking ROS approval for the introduction of new membership categories of Junior Members for children below 18 and Associate Members for non-citizen individuals and organisations.

This was a ground-breaking development that came timely for BMSM to commemorate the Anniversary month of April (being incorporated on 3 April 1962) with an unprecedented Offer of Membership with membership fees waived for new Life, Junior and Associate Members.

While these boosted membership, what was heart-rendering was how it was well-received. It was beyond our imagination that some parents kind-of equated the junior membership in BMSM as a way of connecting their infants, toddlers and young offspring with the Dhamma at an early age.

Yet another event that was historic during the year was the National Delegates Conference that was held in November for serving committee members of the Central Management Committee, 9 branches and 5 Sections to come together for a meeting of minds and charting the way forward beyond BMSM’s 60th year.

Importantly, the Vision for BMSM was re-established. The consensus of what is wanted of BMSM to become is, To Touch Lives with Dhamma. The current BMSM team of office bearers then zeroed in re-new its Mission to achieve the Vision. The popular choice was To Cultivate and Be the Dhammaduta for Service, Purity and Wisdom.

The Mission incorporates the ageless motto of Service, Purity and Wisdom, which well served in guiding BMSM so far, and reminds us to cultivate the Dhamma individually and also collectively as an organisation and in the process, lead by example as good followers of the Buddha to bring the Dhamma to the many.

Recalling and reflecting on all these, I feel a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude for the BMSM team who had worked hard selflessly for such a year of unmatched, fulfilling accomplishments. I would be failing in my duty if I just rejoice but do not convey my heartfelt thanks to the able, dedicated team in these words:

Terima kasih daun keladi

Kalau boleh minta lagi

These words beautifully express the feelings of my heart and on that note, I would like to minta lagi of our enlarged BMSM family to collectively touch lives with the Dhamma and be the dhammaduta of service, purity and wisdom today and tomorrow.

Happy New Year and may all be well and happy always!