The latest project undertaken by BMSM is the development of Samadhi Vihara at Section U12, Bukit Raja, Shah Alam. The three storey building and Shrine Hall is now ready and fully functional. All major Religious activities will now be conducted at this Vihara. Please make regular visits to this new landmark in Klang/Shah Alam.


With the rapid spread of the Dhamma within the Klang valley, the BMSM felt that there was a need to have a Vihara to serve the community better. The search for a piece of land to build the temple went on for several years without any fruitful result, until an application was filed with PKNS, Shah Alam in early 1989. On 9th September 1989, the PKNS approved a piece of land of 1.24 acres at 4, Jalan 24/26 Shah Alam.  A building fund committee headed by Mr. Tan Keat Chye was set up to raise fund for the construction of the temple.

However, there were a lot of obstacles along the way. In 1995, the then Menteri Besar Mohamad bin Mohd Taib declared that the section 24 area was not suitable for construction of a Christian church. The Church challenged the decision of the government, including suing the government in court. The BMSM land was next to the Christian church and was also told not to proceed with the building of a temple there.  Negotiations then went on for several years, until eventually the land was changed to section U12, Shah Alam in 2000.

There were further obstacles such as limiting the height of the building. Finally, just before the 2008 election, the government approved the building development plan.

On Sunday, 7th December 2008, the ground breaking ceremony of the temple was performed, led by Ven. Mahinda.

On 18th March 2012, the consecration ceremony of the temple, known as Samadhi Vihara, was performed  by Ven. Mahinda in the presence of a large crowd of devotees.

Since 2010, when the multi-purpose block was completed, many events and activities were held at Samadhi Vihara, including 3 novitiate programmes over the last 3 years. A national Mahasanghikadana, jointly organized by Yayasan Belia Buddhist Malaysia, Samadhi Vihara  and other Buddhist organizations was held on7th and 8th July 2012. About 1000 people participated in this meritorious event.