Greening of Samadhi Vihara – Mud Hut Building & Food Jungle Project

Metta Meditation @ Samadhi Vihara at 8pm on 12.12.12
December 9, 2012
Buddha Rupa Sponsorship @ Samadhi Vihara
January 15, 2013
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Day Retreat

Day Retreat

Dear Dhamma friends,

 Have you heard of a hut made of mud? Would you like to learn & experience the art of making mud bricks and putting a hut from these bricks?. How about learning how to make compost for planting purposes.
A new project will kick off at Samadhi Vihara starting from 6th January 2013. Come and join us in a hive of activities this coming Sunday.
Let us get together to share a new experience.
Sukhi Hotu
Pang Hock Huat, Jeffrey
Honorary General Secretary.

Mud Hut Building & Food Jungle Project